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Hacker Shield Pro

Digital Download Product (non-licensed)

Protect your site and visitors from hackers by installing this easy to use php script! Automatically repairs/replaces any pages that are changed by hackers and emails you with the info to block the hackers.

Doesn't require a database. Simply upload the files to your hosted site, then follow the easy instructions to choose which of your site's files to protect from spam, XSS injection attacks, porn links or any unauthorized changes to your site's protected files!

Price: $19.99    Back or check for an addon below!


Addons & Specials!


Pro Product Installation

We can install your site fast for busy internet marketer's!

We can usually have your install done within the hour, but due to scheduling, please allow up to 8 hours.

We will need you to email us an FTP URL, user/pass and cpanel (or whatever your host uses) url, user/pass to install the script and database.

Price: $35.00



Instant Digital Downloads.



  • Full, Complete Database Driven Websites. Everything you need is included in each script, which includes the frontend pages and admin section.
  • Much cheaper than paying a programmer to create a new site for you. You could pay $1000.00's for a full, complete website to meet your needs. Our scripts start at just $12.00!
  • Never pay for support! Free support through our online support forum, websites and email.
  • Easy Installation. Simply upload the website, create/connect to your database (All SQL included.) and your site is ready to work for you!
  • Security is important to us, and is reflected in each script. Any security issues are immediately addressed.
  • Someone to help when you are ready to customize. Rather than search through ton's of code, we are ready to help point you in the right direction, saving you valuable time.

Who's to Blame?

  • All scripts created by Jan Michaels. I am available for custom php/mysql work. Please use the contact form for estimates.

  • Updates and addons for any script are always FREE! 3rd party addons or templates may cost as the owner chooses.

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