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This page is for those that wish to download our Free Article Publishing Script for PHP & Mysql called AF Free.


You must signup for the AF Free download first. Please fill in the information below, then click the submit button. You will recieve an email to confirm the email address you enter below, then you will be registered in our update & information database. A seperate email will be sent with the download link for AF standard free version after your confirmation!


The AF Free script makes use of PDO and the PDO_mysql drivers if complied in your hosting account, and if not, uses a standard OOP database scheme. I highly recommend you check for PDO and the pdo_mysql drivers, and if not installed, ask your hosting support to compile them into your account, or if you have a vps or dedicated server, use your easyApache to compile them into your account. PDO is mostly faster and removes the risk of Mysql Injection.


Here is a small script to check if your account has the PDO and PDO_mysql drivers loaded or not --> Test Script


Frontend Demo .:|:. AF Free Tutorial Site



Download AF Free Script!


This version has many new features, so there may be a bug or two. If you find one, please let me know and I'll fix it right away.


Who's to Blame?

  • All scripts created by Jan Michaels. I am available for custom php/mysql work. Please use the contact form for estimates.

  • Updates and addons for any script are always FREE! 3rd party addons or templates may cost as the owner chooses.

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